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 The Work Collaboration Review is operated by Scholar Consult Co. and Scholar Consult Asia Pte. Ltd., consulting firms aiming to reform organizational climates.

 This tool is designed to support relevant employees in an organization to improve their level of autonomous teamwork.

 We consider that diagnostic tools (e.g. for assessment) were originally designed to help the relevant employees in an organization diagnose themselves objectively and help them solve problems themselves. However, in reality, they tend to end up as proposal tools for consulting firms, whereby third parties such as consultants and etc., analyze and assess the actual status based on measures such as “right and wrong”, “satisfaction level” and more and then offer proposed solutions.

 This tool is designed to highlight deficient areas for the relevant employees so that they can improve and change how they work. Emphasizing comprehension and user-friendliness, we expressed teamwork levels in seven simple stages, which can be used as part of a recommended process to promote in-house collaboration.

 We hope more companies and organizations will use this tool to encourage an organization to create values with various individuals making significant personal contributions and cooperating.


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